Sunday, 25 April 2010


We have finally finshed building the lower part to the prime sk8 park atfer 4 months of working 3 nights a week.we got to ride the park last night and it rides really well and has some rad lines,defo worth checking out.time to get back to trails building cant wait.


last screw

Sunday, 11 April 2010


the last few weeks has seen a lot of progress in the park, now we have all the 6mm top sheets we have finished surfacing the bowl, 6ft mini, 9ft quarter, vert wall, and the elvis ramp, check back for some more updates very soon.

keil testing the 9ft quarter, and the elvis ramp....

Tommy bowers

Tommy's been living out in mozine for a couple of years now and last year he put a very funny edit out called only fools in morzine and it was looks like he and the boys out there have rasied their game this year with a new edit.This is so good.


SWILL POSSE - PAPER PLANES from stewart monk on Vimeo.

Definatly worth a repost.

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


this weekend we all went down mount hawk for the easter jam, tom decided to enter brownie for A group street before asking him and then presented him with a wrist band, anyway rob had a good ride pulling a few sick over ice on a back rail and another one which was even high up! get on rob well done.

Saturday, 3 April 2010

Ryan Hallett

Tartan team rider Ryan Hallett has put a couple of edits together for his uni work, one's about primedelux and the sk8 park build and the other a riding edit of his local barn back home.he's done a rad job,love the song on the barn edit mate.

Also were half way through putting the top sheets down at prime so should'nt be long now,hopefully some new pic will be up soon from Bad Ric.should have a finish date real soon aswell so keep posted.


TSNT Prime Delux profile from ryan hallett on Vimeo.

TSNT Barn Edit from ryan hallett on Vimeo.