Sunday, 30 August 2009

Aint No Pleasure Without The Pain!!!

This last week Mart was invited along on the National Trails Champs Trip. Word on the street was, he ripped! The little energizer bunny rode form the moment the turned up to a spot till the minute they left. Unfortunately however whilst up at Oxford Mart came off on a no hander and ended up shattering his Tibia and Fibula. Now 3 days into his 10 day hospital stay in oxford and 1 out of 2 operations later we went to see him.

Big props to old Tammers tho, the boy got 2nd place in the championships even tho he had to miss the last day through injury. Get well soon Mart!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Murray jam 09

Tartan will be heading up to the Aliano's this weekend for the Murray Jam, wanna come along, Holla at us! already going - see you there yo!

If you wanna support the cause but cant make it up check out the store to donate or to pick up some merchandise.

Stay strong Ya'll

Monday, 24 August 2009

3 puff's, A pancake and a little Cider!

Gay pride hit p-town, and what an event! there's obviously a massive gay appreciation society in plymouth! Me and Pope went to check it out! shortyl after we left the TCE showed up and all hell  broke loose! - apparently!

You'll have to excuse the camera orientation!!! i forgot you cant turn your PC round like you can a mobile!

Tammers = OLD!

Last week saw Martyn's 27th! some might say thats not that old to have all that grey hair showing up, others such as Bad MFR and Squeal might disagree as hair whatever colour would be a fine thing!

Anyways to celebrate we all had a spicy curry then washed our faces in Neils butt sweat before a few Jagers at the PRime fundraiser! - LUSH!

Sunday, 23 August 2009

I am Lame!

During the past month loads has gone on, but at the same time nothing has gone on! 

here's a recent Verde US team edit that came out a few weeks ago, looking forward to a hopeful UK team edit soon.

Been slack on the updates as motivation has been about as good as the weather, but got a good list of entertainments to post up for your enjoyment in the next week or so!


Saturday, 1 August 2009

Dom's house at 5.00am!!!!!!!!!!

We got back from the pub and things got a little strange! Gay? i dunno you decide!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe this is what happens when you dont bring any girls home!!!!!!!!!!!!! lets hope we get ome bnitches next week! - or i dred to think what will go down!!!!