Saturday, 18 July 2009

Whats been going on Ya'll!!!!!!

Well the trails are WET! WET! WET! so no riding!!! hence lack of updates in the last week!

So i'll tell ya what we've all being doing. We went to NASS last weekend to get wet, get shit stolen, heckle a bunch of chav's (and Bomber) Watch Pope throw up and support Mart. Who came 5th in street yo! Props to him for a sterling performance!

We been taking advantage of the wet weather to do a bunch of digging, properly getting california sorted and a little work on mini-fornia to get them properly dialled in, hoping the weather breaks this week for a ride and a fun time with the profile team on Ride to Glory.

but until the good weather returns here's a vid to remind us of why we ride BMX, sorry its not trails but should remind us all to have fun riding little kiddies bikes!

Sunday, 5 July 2009

vandalism, California line, new manual bumps to step down jump.

we now have some manual bumps and a new step down jump linking mini california into the whoop line, unfortunately pope lost the game of rock paper scissors so he was the test dummy!, unlucky pope.

we have finally got California line running again this year so we can expect some supper big tricks soon!

its been a while since we had any vandalism but this weekend the little fuckers struck again vandalizing our hut!, we built it bigger and better since the last time it happen, they didn't succeed in completely destroying it but we are getting pretty hacked off having to rebuild it every time it happens, but what can you do, well i can think of a few things but i`m not sure we could get away with them, they use to hang soldiers in this quarry well i got rope and we aint short on trees!.

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

Wednesday night gay we went to the jumps YO!

wednesday spells skate night at the skate Park!!!!................none of those doozers at our jumps tho! enjoy!!!!

Pope AKA Trev!!

There was definitely lights in the woods!

We were lucky enough to be invited up to the Oxfordshire area to ride Aiden, Pipe's and Lima's Trails. To some it all up real quick, the trails are dope, the locals are awesone and a wicked day was had by all. 

Wanna just say a big thanks once again to all the lightinthewoods guys for the awesome day once again and cant wait till you guys head down this way and come play in the quarry!